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Trust Elite Moving Services Inc. to take on the challenge of moving your piano whenever and wherever you need it to go. Our trusty team of professional movers will take every precaution to ensure your piano arrives safely where you need it to go.

We can move any piano you have for us because our team is highly trained and comes highly prepared. Our fast-paced movers allow us to keep our prices low. We really are that fast.

For your piano moving needs, don't call just any moving team. Call (519) 500-5107 for a piano moving specialist. You'll see why many of our clients call us back to move their pianos again.

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Experienced Movers Taking Care of Your Piano

Our experience as the area's foremost movers has given us the tools we need to be the most effective no matter what you task us with to move. We really have "been there, done that," so whether we are moving a grand, upright, electronic, or a baby grand piano, you can be sure that it will arrive in perfect condition.

Having so much experience has allowed us to understand what clients are looking for at a deeper level. We have created a streamlined moving process built for efficiency. We will show up, pad all of your piano's moving parts, pack it away, and put it safely in our well-equipped moving truck.

Going Above and Beyond to Protect Your Piano

In many ways, we have already gone above and beyond for you. Our detailed understanding of pianos and how they are built enable us to protect your piano correctly. There will be no fumbling around. Once you have told us what kind of piano we would be moving, we will come prepared.

We ensure that every mover who works for us has been trained to our high standards. They all know exactly how important it is to keep your piano safe and do everything possible to ensure it.

We Begin with an Inspection

Pianos are extraordinarily heavy as most of the internal structure is cast iron. Small upright pianos range from 300-400 lbs., standard uprights 500-800 lbs. and grand pianos weigh up to 1500 lbs. Moving your piano is at least a 2-person job, no matter the size of the piano. The ideal team size is 3.

Before we begin touching and moving your piano around, our movers will complete a walkaround inspection with their notepad. There are many kinds of pianos, so we need to know what we are working with and what condition it is in before we start planning the move. After all, your piano is delicate, and needs to be moved safely, so our team needs to be prepared.

Wrapping Up the Piano

Depending on the size and shape of your piano, we will begin disassembling it safely and carefully. If you have a grand or a baby grand piano, your piano is made of many different pieces that are strong but deserve special care.

Pianos are very oversized and are necessarily disassembled for efficient moving. It's just the reality of moving a piano, and we emphasize this point because it can be concerning to see your piano being taken apart, but please don't worry – we know what we are doing.

Piece by piece, we will carefully deconstruct your piano, wrap up the details in our padded wrapping blankets, and tape them up tightly. We will correctly remove every piano piece that can be taken apart and transport them safely and without damage, including all brass hinges. From there, we will bring the pieces safely to the vehicle and get your piano to its destination.

Reasons to Choose a Professional Piano Mover

There are many reasons not to move your piano on your own. As experts in all things to do with moving, you can count on us to bring your delicate piano to its next destination safely and, more importantly, correctly!

As we mentioned before, pianos are extremely heavy. Much heavier than they appear. Moving your piano on your own, especially without experience, can lead to severe injuries. Trust us when we say that it is not worth a serious back injury no matter how much you love your piano. Plus, we have all the necessary equipment to move your piano easily.

Secondly, pianos are oversized and almost impossible to move through doors, around corners, down/upstairs without the help of a professional.

Thirdly, pianos are costly. Why risk damaging it when calling Elite Moving Services Inc. is a simple way to avoid expensive repairs, or worse, replacements. Pianos can range up to $100 000, and some are irreplaceable family heirlooms. Just don't risk it.

Fourthly, despite their incredible size, weight, and price, pianos are incredibly delicate and can be easily damaged in a move. When you entrust our expertise to handle the moving of your piano, it almost eliminates the risk of damage and makes setting up the piano in your new place that much easier.

With all those factors considered and the potential risk of damage, the cost of our moving services is well worth it. If you want to know just how much it will cost to move your piano, please get in touch with our team to get a quote or ask any questions about the process.

The Right Piano Moving Supplies

In completing so many piano moves throughout the years, we have refined the supplies we use to move your piano and ensure it stays safe. 

First, we will carefully remove the legs from the piano, the next move is to pad all of the moving parts, lid, and fallboard included. Before going further, we will double-check that everything is sufficiently covered and wrap the piano with our specialized protective cellophane.

Our movers will carefully tip your piano onto our wheeled piano dolly, and we will safely bring it into the moving van. Once in the truck, we will double-check everything again for security. The piano legs will also be padded and secured before departure. If you have any special requests or notes, please let us know. We are always accessible to our clients, and we will make adjustments to suit your needs

Piano moving is a tricky process that involves a skilled hand. Even if you've decided to save a bit of money and hire an amateur moving company, it's wise to hire experienced piano movers to handle your instrument.

Elite Moving Services Inc. has been ensuring the safe transportation of Waterloo pianos for years, and has a reputation for providing service that is reliable, efficient and affordable. If you're planning a move and are looking for an experienced company you can trust with your piano, look no further.

Piano Moving Solutions Tailored to You

Like all of your belongings, pianos are precious items, but unlike your books, pots and pans, they require an extra level of attention given their fragile nature. When moving, your piano can't be trusted with just anybody, you need a company that understands how to properly handle such an instrument.

Every piano is unique, and therefore needs a moving solution that reflects that. There are many factors to consider when moving a piano, ranging from type and size to the wood used in its construction. By taking the time to fully examine your piano prior to getting it ready for transportation, Elite Moving Services Inc. is able to provide moving solutions that are tailored to your specific piano.

Disassembly and Assembly Available

While some pianos can be transported in one piece, other, larger models require careful disassembly in order to make the journey. If you own a grand piano or something similar, contact us today to inquire about our disassembly process.

As with our regular piano moving services, when moving pianos that require disassembly we take care to expertly wrap each part of the instrument so it is protected on all sides, ensuring it arrives at its destination without a scratch on it. Once your piano arrives at its new home, our experienced team will skillfully reassemble it, so you can enjoy playing it right away.

Discover the Elite Moving Services Inc. Difference

While other moving companies may be able to move your piano, there's a world of difference between a moving company that can do the move, and one that can do it properly. Our trucks are specially equipped to transport pianos—we don't simply place your piano in with all of your other belongings and hope for the best.

When you hire us to move your piano, you're hiring a company that views your instrument as something more than just another piece of furniture. We understand how precious pianos are, and are committed to exceeding our client's expectations with the quality of our service.

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