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Some will tell you that moving days are bound to be stressful, no matter what. Those who say that just haven't worked with Elite Moving Services Inc..

Offering immaculate moving vans, licensed drivers, and a full suite of moving services, we do more than simply transport your belongings. We treat you to a customer experience like no other. With our customizable approach to the moving experience, we are capable of handling as much of the work as you wish. As if we weren't appealing enough, our value-driven services can be yours for an incredible rate.

Whether you're moving a short distance, transferring belongings into a storage facility, or require the expertise of a long-distance moving company, our residential and commercial movers can help you. Call us at (519) 500-5107 today to request our services.

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Make Way for the Real Movers

Moving into a new building, home, or office should be an exciting time. You feel excited to embark on a new journey. That's what the movers at our company think, anyways.

With the help of our commercial and residential moving company, you'll have all the time and energy you need to settle into your new home. You won't have to fret about the small details—and most importantly, you won't have to lift a thing. As first-class service providers, we think that is the least we can do.

Moving Done Your Way

Would you like us to pack your items for you? Would you like to transfer your office equipment to two separate offices? We will learn exactly what you want from us at the very outset. With us, you can customize our services however you wish.

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All the Moving Services You Need

We are capable of handling as much of the move as you wish. We will do everything from packing and unpacking to the re-assembly of select furniture items. Some of our most requested services include:

Fragile Item Care

Everyone owns certain items that are more delicate—or cherished—than others. Whether we are dealing with valuable office equipment, mirrors, or family heirlooms, you can rest easy knowing we are packing these select belongings with extra care and consideration.

Packing and Unpacking Services

During the moving process, clients often have many loose ends and other obligations to concern themselves with. We can lighten the load by not just packing your belongings, but also unpacking them at your new residence or commercial space. We'll gladly re-assemble bedframes, tables, and any other disassembled furniture, as well.

Get Help for Your Next Moving Day

As the leading moving company in the region, we've assisted clients with long-distance moves, office moves, local moves, and everything in between. With our dedicated movers, tireless logistics team, and drivers, we'll make sure the next chapter of your life begins with ease.

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